Our Fees

We charge a commission fee for our services on a 'no collection, no commission charged' basis.
Our commission fee depends on the Pricing Option you select. Pricing Options are advertised below

No collection, no commission fee charged policy

Our commission fee is deducted from any payment received from the debtor. This policy maximises the collection outcome for you because we only earn our commission when recovery of the debt starts. Terms of Engagement apply*

We may be able to add the cost of our commission on top of the principal amount of the debt if your terms of trade allow it.

Use our Commission Fee Calculator below to find out what our total commission fee will be to recover your debt.

No hidden extra costs to you for extrajudicial related debt recovery processes

Unlike other debt collection companies, we don't charge you extra fees for each letter of demand sent to the debtor, phone calls, or emails made during the process of the debt collection. 

If more than one civil enforcement is required, we will discuss these with you as they may require Court and legal fees to be paid.

Disbursements of the debtor's debt repayments will be paid out to you monthly, accompanied by a statement that provides a breakdown of the debtor's repayments and the details of the debt.


Pricing Options

All Pricing Options include District Court enforcement paid by CIA Debt Recovery.
Our Terms of Engagement apply*. The commission rates exclude GST.



25% commission rate

No debt load fee

illion Tenancy



25% commission rate

Debt size $500+

$69 debt load fee



30% commission rate

Debt size $2,000+

No debt load fee



35% commission rate

Any debt size

No debt load fee

Updated 13.08.2020

These pricing options are effective from the date above.


Commission Fee

Find out how much the total commission we will charge for a debt collection.

Our commission fee structure: we deduct a percentage (+GST) from the total debt.

  1. Enter your debt amount into the commission fee calculator.

  2. Select a Pricing Option

  3. The commission fee will automatically calculate based on your chosen Pricing Option. 

The commission fee amount shown by the calculator is the total commission fee. We will not deduct/charge you the total commission fee upfront, unless your debtor repays the debt in full with one payment. 

If your debtor repays the debt with a regular repayment plan we will only deduct a small portion from each repayment, which will go towards our total commission fee.

If your terms of trade include a debt collection provision, then you may be able to make your debtor liable for our commission fee. Send us an email with a copy of your terms of trade if you are unsure if this applies for your debt and we will review it.



Debt Amount $
Select a Pricing Option  
Commission fee (excl. GST)$
GST (15%) $
Commission fee (incl. GST) $

Time is of the essence!

There is a time limit on filing civil enforcement proceedings in the Court if your debtor refuses to pay the debt voluntarily. 

If your debt claim is filed with the Court more than 6 years after the date the matter arose in respect of which the account is sought, the probability of recovering the debt is significantly diminished.

Act now to recover your debt recovered.