How can I load a debt?

Click on the 'Load Debt' tab then select the type of debt you want us to recover and fill out the necessary fields in that page. Click submit once finished.


Is there a fee to load a debt?

Unlike some debt collectors, we provide you with options so you can decide what suits you best, and we pay the first court enforcement costs so you don't have to. Only Option 2 has a debt registration fee. See our pricing options here.

Depending on your terms of trade, you can have the registration fee (if any) and our commission added on top of the debt you submit to us.  If your debt is a tenancy debt, you will need to apply to the Tenancy Tribunal for an amended order which includes these costs, for more information on this see below.


How do I get my registration fee & commission charges added to the debt?

You must first have a debt collection clause which shows that the debtor has agreed to these costs being added. (Click here for more information on these clauses)

After you load your debt, please inform us that you wish to add collection costs to the debt. We will provide you with a collection costs sheet which will show the Court and you what costs we will be adding to the debt.

Once we have given you this information, go to the Court/Tribunal for these costs of collection to be added to your current Court/Tribunal Order through the same method you got your original order.

The adjudicators will need to see that you have actually instructed CIA Debt Recovery to be your debt collectors before they will add collection costs to an existing tribunal order.


How do I get a TINZ member ID number?

You will first need to be a TINZ member to receive a TINZ member ID number, this will allow you to get the below special pricing option.

To sign up to TINZ, go to their website -

When completing the form to load your debt, make sure to enter your TINZ member ID number and select "Option 1" in the pricing drop-down list.


Is the debtors credit rating impacted?

Yes. Once you have submitted a debt with us we load it into our database which then is uploaded to illion and Equifax credit bureau's. If the debt is a tenancy debt then we will also load it on Tenancy Information NZ.

We work closely with all of the above companies to ensure everything is up to date across all database systems for you.


How long will it take for a debt to be paid in full?

The time varies depending on the size of the debt, whether we have the debtors current contact details, and how much a debtor can pay if the debt is being paid off in payment installments. We do our best to have it paid off as fast as possible for you of course. 


Is there any guarantee a debt will be collected in full?

Unfortunately no debt collection agency can guarantee the full collection of a debt due to unforeseen factors. Common causes for the failure of the debt to be collected in full are; the debtor may become deceased, enter into bankruptcy or no asset procedure, or move overseas to a jurisdiction that we cannot enforce the debt.

We have been collecting debt since 1993 despite boom-and-bust economies, as well as truly remarkable technical and legislative changes too, which we feel shows we are great at what we do otherwise we wouldn't have been in business for more than 25 years.


Debtor has paid me directly, what should I do?

If the debtor approaches you direct after you have instructed us you should ensure they are immediately directed back to us as they will be trying to circumvent the fact we can now add our costs of collection onto their debt which will have increased the level of the debt to them.

Please contact us as soon as possible if you have received a payment from the debtor.