Pricing Policy


We have various Pricing Options below for you to choose from.

We charge a commission for our services on a no collection, no commission charged basis. 

Our commission is deducted from any payment received from the debtor. This policy maximizes the collection outcome for you because CIA Debt Recovery only earns a commission when recovery of the debt starts. 

If your terms of trade allow it, we can add the cost of collection on top of the principle amount of collection this from the debtor.

Unlike other debt collection companies, we don't charge you extra fees for each letter of demand sent to the debtor, phone calls, or email's made during the process of the debt collection. There are no hidden extra costs to you for non-enforcement related debt recovery processes. 

If more than one civil enforcement is required, we will discuss these with you as they may require Court and legal fees to be paid.

Disbursements of the debtor's debt repayments will be made to you monthly, accompanied by a statement that provides a breakdown of the debtor's repayments and the details of the debt.


Pricing Options

All Pricing Options include District Court enforcement paid by CIA Debt Recovery. Terms of Engagement apply.

Commission rates exclude GST.

Option 1

25% commission rate

No debt load fee

illion Tenancy
members special*

Option 2

25% commission rate

Debt size $500+

$69 debt load fee

Option 3

30% commission rate

Debt size $2,000+

No debt load fee

Option 4

35% commission rate

Any debt size

No debt load fee


Updated 13.08.2020

These pricing options are effective from the date above