Company Profile

New Zealand owned and operated debt collection service.

Our mission is simple; provide the most comprehensive and cost efficient professional debt recovery service available to our clients. 

You can expect a personal level of service from our team, with a working relationship based on integrity, experience and commitment. 

We perform collections on consumer debt, tenancy debt, and commercial debt. 

We were one of the first debt collection agents to specialise in tenancy debt recovery

Our client base consists of individual creditors and businesses of all sizes. 

We have been recovering our clients' accounts since 1993 and in that time we've met the challenge of recovering our clients debts despite boom-and-bust economies, as well as truly remarkable technical and legislative changes.


Comprehensive Debt Recovery Solution

We focus on getting the fastest result using the most cost effective method



Our Heritage


The founder of CIA Debt Recovery started as a field agent for another debt collection agency in 1993. It was clear, in a very short time frame, that his former Police experience of dealing with people from all walks of life allowed him to gain rapport with debtors.

His work in West Auckland soon grew so that he was able develop a business plan which quickly evolved into the forming of the national private investigative and debt collection business, then called Chase Investigative Agencies, also known as C.I.A.

An opportunity arose in 1997 to demonstrate to the National President of the property managers division of the Real Estate Institute of New Zealand (REINZ) the tracing and debt collecting abilities of this business. A six-month trial took place before C.I.A. was invited to market their services to the rest of the REINZ membership. The business had quickly grown exponentially which lead to debt collection on a nationwide scope. 

In 2008, CIA Debt Recovery relinquished the private investigator's licence because it was not required for the core work of tenancy and general debt collection. The private investigator's licence states on the licence that it grants no extra powers over the normal citizen and then, as an aside, the Private Investigator's and Security Guards Act takes away the right of private investigators to covertly take photos, videos and audio. 

Because C.I.A. was legally not allowed to use the word 'investigative', or 'investigator', in the company name without a private investigators licence, the name of the company was thus changed to The C.I.A. Debt Recovery Group.

In 2019 the company name was updated by simplifying it to CIA Debt Recovery. This is the name our clients have known and refer to the business as.