Rent Arrears

If tenants don’t pay the rent on time it is a breach of the tenancy agreement and the Residential Tenancies Act.

You can apply to the Tenancy Tribunal for termination of the tenancy if the tenant owes 21 days of rent or more, or doesn’t remedy the overdue rent. The Tribunal can also make an Order stating that the tenant owes rent that must be paid. 

The application fee is $20.44. If you are the one making the application, you pay the fee. If you’re successful, the Tenancy Tribunal can order the other party to pay you the application fee. You need to ask for this when making your application. If your claim goes to mediation, part of the agreement may be that the other person pays you the application fee. Visit the Tenancy Services website

Applying to the Tenancy Tribunal

    Visit the Tenancy Services website

Enforcing Tenancy Tribunal Decisions

If your tenant debtor has failed to pay the amount in the Tribunal or Mediators Order as it requires them to do, we can enforce the Tribunal order for you through civil enforcement in the District Court. 

The enforcement costs will be paid for you and are then added to the total amount payable by the tenant debtor.